Izabela Cottle

The Divatastic Be’s: A Girl’s Guidebook to STEM Careers by Nancy Franklin-Wright is a well-written picture book that delivers an important message to girls about careers in STEM.

The young girls in the book are divatastic with vivid imaginations on what they can do when they grow up. From designing amazing cars to caring for marine animals. This book introduces girls to careers that are not the stereotypical teacher or nursing jobs. With women largely underrepresented in STEM careers, I liked how this book explained these careers in ways that would be relatable to young girls. The book strives to show girls that they can be anything they want and to look beyond traditional careers and consider careers in STEM. I found that the author was able to take complex ideas like aerodynamics and explain these in a clear and straightforward way that girls will find easy to understand.

Parents of young girls would appreciate this book and its child-friendly approach to teaching girls about STEM careers. The Divatastic Be’s: A Girl’s Guidebook to STEM Careers has a heart-warming message to believe in your dreams and be your divatastic best.