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Focusing on STEM career paths, girls are guided to use their natural gifts and abilities to consider career and entrepreneur adventures, to create a better world for all.

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Lying at the heart of diversity books for kids, Diva offers an engaging insight into how to improve self-esteem and learn self-awareness. A compelling, beautifully illustrated book to build confident girls, the riveting tale explores all-important elementary school topics, from friendship to goal-getting, providing a must-have toolkit of empowerment.

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The Divatastic Be’s is an empowering and uplifting read for girls with a strong message that they can be anything despite their gender. This book is a great way to present STEM careers to young girls and teach them that they can build a bridge or make their own car one day if they want to!

This book follows a young girl who has so many career options to choose from, so she thought of being a Marine biologist, sometimes Astronaut, civil engineer, or designing her own game as a software developer.

She explained what fun she had. This beautifully illustrated picture book has the power to make a change in the thought process of society about gender roles. It is one such inspirational book for young girls that encourages them to discover their true strength and inspires them to believe in their dreams.

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The Divatastic Be’s: A Girl’s Guidebook to STEM Careers by Nancy Franklin-Wright is a well-written picture book that delivers an important message to girls about careers in STEM.

The young girls in the book are divatastic with vivid imaginations on what they can do when they grow up. From designing amazing cars to caring for marine animals. This book introduces girls to careers that are not the stereotypical teacher or nursing jobs. With women largely underrepresented in STEM careers, I liked how this book explained these careers in ways that would be relatable to young girls. The book strives to show girls that they can be anything they want and to look beyond traditional careers and consider careers in STEM. I found that the author was able to take complex ideas like aerodynamics and explain these in a clear and straightforward way that girls will find easy to understand.

Parents of young girls would appreciate this book and its child-friendly approach to teaching girls about STEM careers. The Divatastic Be’s: A Girl’s Guidebook to STEM Careers has a heart-warming message to believe in your dreams and be your divatastic best.

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Diva Magic by Nancy Franklin-Wright is a children’s book for young girls, specifically ages 4-8, who might need a little boost of confidence in their life. Being a kid is hard, with plenty of new challenges and tough days ahead. Author Nancy Franklin-Wright understands the challenges young girls face, and expertly shares a touch of DIVA magic to remind our society’s girls that they are Daring, Inspired, Victorious, and Awesome.

In the world of children’s literature, there are few books with such brilliantly inspirational text that conveys such an important message in such a fun way. Young girls need to be reminded of their DIVA magic, especially at such an early age – I applaud Nancy Franklin-Wright for sharing Diva Magic with the world. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging but do not detract from the text. Diva Magic is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated, what a magical book!

If you have a daughter in your household or girls in your elementary class, Diva Magic belongs on your shelf!

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As both an educator and a parent, I was pleased to see the efforts that Nancy Franklin-Wright is taking to encourage young girls with Diva Magic, what a great book to share with your precious little ones as they enter their elementary years.

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A powerful message that everyone should hear!

This book is aimed at young girls, and delivers a powerful message that I wholeheartedly believe everyone should hear. I loved the author’s style of writing which helps lend this story, along with its principles, to both children and adults alike. To be taught from the outset that you are magic, exactly as you are when you give it your all, don’t give up when things get hard, and are compassionate, assured, and courageous, is such a valuable life lesson. The truly wonderful illustrations grab attention, and help to portray the essence of the book perfectly. It is extremely relevant in today’s society, where learning to love yourself is so important. A beautiful and influential book that I greatly appreciated!